Restoration is really an art.
A simple engine disassembly, overhauling, blasting and spraying
is not restoring, it is assembling.

Restoration is a feeling.
The balance between the intended outcome and cost.
At this moment I’m working on several restoring projects.
In these projects I follow the authentic restoration method, namely as closely as possible
approch the factories production concept with new techniques.

These restorations are performed with no restrictions,
only the result matters.

Restoring in order is possible ofcourse.
Here are some possibilities:

You buy one of our projects which I can offer, or you buy your own project.
We’re going to write down how the restoration is performed.
There are no conditions attached, excluding what we did
in the past, the technique will not be compromised.
Engine, gearbox, drive shaft and chassis will be done by me.
The cosmetic part is done as in an agreement with you.

Based on what we do and any extras, the final price will be determined.
The full restoration can also be arranged by me.
Please visit us for the possibilities and my work to display.
Restoration is not captured by pictures, this is an experience that
you have to see live to experience the quality.