Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro

Merk (Brand): Moto Guzzi
Model (Model): V10 Centauro
Kleur (Color): Antracite / Grey
Bouwjaar (Year): 1997 (Registration date 13-10-2000)
Garantie (Warranty): 6 months
Status (Status): Used
Km stand (KM): 19423
Prijs (Price): € 7450

We bought this bike a few years ago voor private use.
The bike had the well known problem of a defect oilpump and the gear.
Because there was not a good alternative we stored the bike for several years.

After a recent intensive internet search we found an address in the UK,
who produced an oilpunp with a steel gear.
The original gear is made of an aluminum alloy which is to soft and could brake,
so it is also replaced.
It is not a cheap oilpump, but quality has it’s price.

We could have chosen to put the distribution system of the Sport 1100 in
(chain gears and oilpump) but this system doesn’t really belong in this engine.
So we went for the best solution. 

Ofcourse are the belts changed and is the bike fully serviced.The tyres are new.
The clutch was  a little sticky so this is also replaced.
The bike has a another chipset and a cross-over exhaust system with a nice dark sound.

The engine is running magnificent now.
With all these modifications this bike will give you a lot of fun for the coming years.