5 March 2021 Covid 19

We are open since 3 March 2021.
There are some regulations by the government.

— Make an appointment minimum 4 hours befote you arrive.
— One customer a time with 1 person as company.
— We have hand cleaner and mouth protection available.
— Keep 1,5 meter distance.

Thanks, Peter and Annemieke


July 8th  2019

We, Peter and Annemieke, have our business property and house for sale.
We are NOT stopping with our business, there is too much love involved.

We are at a point in our business and private career to change several things.

The most unpractical thing is the separation between showroom and workshop.
Our showroom is beside a very busy street which is not possible any more to get bikes in and out
Our workshop is too low, we need higher bike lifts but the sealing is too low.

To make these changes in the workshop is too expensive.

We don’t know yet when we are going to move, in the meantime we are narrowing our stock of bikes and parts.

Peter told, given his age, he needs to be over 80 years of age, to finish all restorations.
This is not going to work.

For this reason we are selling a number of project bikes, right now.

Our parts stock is also narrowed down.
We are starting to use Ebay as a selling channel besides our webshop.

Do you have questions or other remarks, please do not hesitate to ask them.