I, Peter Impens began in 1982 under the name BCI in the motorcycles.
Motorcycles always had something magical for me, a beating heart,
Always had the urge to ride them, work with them and to find out where the
it’s boundaries are. Passion for technology.

Started with a 250cc BMW one cylinder, then the boxers appear.
When BMW launched it’s K-series my passion was gone.
What began as a childhood love had the right business path, Moto Guzzi.

In order to appeal to the hobby it was still a challenge.
Greenib bv (the BMW importer at the time) was also Moto Guzzi importer.
BCI started as exclusively Moto Guzzi dealer in 1984.

In 1987, my wife Annemieke joined me in our shop.
In 1989 a new showroom was built.
The warehouse was filled with a large parts inventory, coming
from acquisitions of warehouses from Willy van Gent and Greenib.

During years of ups and downs BCI belonged to the national top
Our end came at the end of 1997.
We made the personal and business choice for a different path,

Our gut feeling wanted to continue Guzzi with, this was no longer an option.
A different brand did not have our interest at that time.
After spending time in other autonomous fields (IT network design and consultancy),
missing feeling of motorcycles was always present.

In 2003 we returned in the motorcycle market, with “Uncle Sam” Guzzi, Harley Davidson.
This brand however, didn’t give us the personal connection to really
put our shoulders on.

With the Internet coming up, the market and possibilities are unlimited.
This is big difference with the old days, at that time we just had a national market
By using the Internet it gives you the possibillity to work with Moto Guzzi in a global market.

The choice for a business restart with Moto Guzzi is a fact.
Our motives and characteristics of the reborn BCI are still the same:

  • Small
  • Passion
  • Quality and Craftmanship
  • Service!

A big difference with the past; BCI is no longer Moto Guzzi dealer.
We do not exclude that this will happen, but at this moment it won’t
add an extra value to us and you, as a valued customer.

The factory warranty is global and we have made arrangements with dealers
for any warranty service.

We choose now for our freedom!
Our Moto Guzzi heart is beating again! glogo